Training Programs

Making salespeople’s lives better. 

That’s our passion.  Helping you get the most from your career, your life, your relationships — that’s what we do — and what we’ve done for hundreds of thousands of sales professionals for more than forty years.

And by making lives better we mean…more balance, less stress.  More income, more security.  Better customer relationships, more referrals.  Stronger ties to your community, a resource people turn to.

I’ve been eating, drinking and sleeping sales for what seems like all my life, and I can tell you to go from good to great, from better to best and from “all work and no play” to a balanced and healthy life starts by getting back to the basics — and into the habit of lifelong learning.

My programs change lives by giving you the strong skills, tools, techniques, dialogues and mindsets you need to achieve everything you’ve ever imagined — and even a little more.

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