Shannon Taylor

– Trainer –

Newly licensed as a real estate agent in 1996, I found myself excited, full of enthusiasm and ready to make my mark in this business! Most of all though, I found myself wondering “how?”


Fortunately, I worked with an outstanding real estate agency that offered an opportunity to attend The Floyd Wickman Program. I took the plunge and achieved “Rookie of the Year” within a company of over 500 agents. I repeated the program the following year and doubled my volume. Later, I took the class yet again as a “refresher” and picked up even more. It was so motivating to see the results and watch the whole team reach their goals.

My trainer was amazing. She delivered Floyd’s messages in such a powerful and positive way that I clearly remember thinking “Wow, I would love to do what she does for people someday.”

Applying Floyd’s philosophies and techniques enabled me to succeed professionally, but they have also affected every other aspect of my life.

Your success matters to me. With its “Get By Giving” philosophy and Core Values, our program is a proven way to help you achieve that success. I am so very proud to be doing for agents what my trainer did for me years ago. The Floyd Wickman Program is not just a “game-changer,” it is a “Life-Changer.”

Could you benefit by increasing your production and learning how to balance your life and career? I would love to show you how. Let’s talk today!

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