Mike Pallin

– President –

– Master Trainer –

Mike Pallin has been a student, a soldier, a singer-songwriter, a salesperson, a sales trainer, recruiter, creative director and is now President of the all new Floyd Wickman Team.

In 1985, Floyd selected Mike as the first trainer to teach the famous Floyd Wickman Course (Sweathogs). He was among the first group of Floyd Wickman Trainers to earn the Master Trainer designation.

In 1990, he became Creative Director, and together Mike and Floyd have created training programs with more than a quarter of a million successful graduates: including Sweathogs For Life, Head Hogs, Rapid Fire Recruiting, Selling Skills, Master SalesTrack, Master Sales Academy, Alumni Club, the Floyd Wickman School of Speaking and Training, the all new Floyd Wickman (S.M.A.R.T.) Program and the Master Sales Society R Squared program.

Currently Mike teaches the all new Floyd Wickman Program, recruits and develops the trainers, runs the annual Master Sales Society events, and directs the R-Squared program.

He lives in Ann Arbor, enjoys golf, walking and music. He and his sons, Derek and Tim, perform in a Beatles tribute band that has won international competitions.

“My purpose is to preserve Floyd Wickman’s legacy and promote his teachings. Next to family and God, working with Floyd is the greatest joy in my life.”

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