Mary Johnson-Pallin

– Master Trainer –

– Platinum Circle Member –

Everything changed when I met Floyd Wickman in 1981. I went from a non-producing agent to a production leader, I learned to control my time, my relationships, and my life. I became successful.

After nine years in the trenches of real estate, I joined Floyd Wickman’s team to “give back” what I was so grateful to have received. Since then, I’ve trained over 12,000 students, many of whom were “stuck” or failing when we met – and my greatest satisfaction has been to watch them hit their goals. Many are top producers or managers in real estate. Many are better parents, better spouses, and happier people because I was able to bring the Wickman philosophies into their lives. While increasing production through “The Program” is great – it’s helping to facilitate profound and long-lasting change that inspires me. I am blessed to have a career built upon “making a difference” and I cannot imagine another way to have impacted so many people and families.

I love helping agents succeed. I love hearing their success stories. Our program teaches what to say – but also gives students the confidence to say it, and we remove the option – so they “have to” go out there and apply what they learn.

Every classroom day, I get hugs and love for “making them” do what they have to do to get business. My clients invite me back over and over – because of the changes in their agents, and the profit they reap from increased production. I’ve done 13, 14, and 15 programs for some of my largest clients over the years. This program doesn’t COST money, it MAKES money – for the agents, for the Clients. I always deliver what I promise. And I do so with integrity that is passed right on to the agents. My client list reads like a “Who’s Who” in real estate, and I’ve built deep friendships with some of the most powerful real estate leadership teams (read: people) in our country. That has been so rewarding.

Having worked beside Floyd for two decades, I’ve been able to contribute many times to the updating and organization of the material. Never once have we discussed how we can make more money. All of our meetings are about how we can help our clients, how we can load the program with the activities and messages and dialogues that will help our students succeed in the current market. Over and over we tear the program apart and put it back together again. Floyd writes new dialogues and material and we update based on the marketplace. Of course, much of the “classic” Wickman material still works as it always has – and we’ve got students in the field continuously proving it with their results!

The “new” program is tighter and smarter than the “old Sweathogs” program ever was. We help our agents build listing inventory. We teach them how to think the way successful people think – and the results go way beyond just six weeks. We change lives, and there is no greater job in the world than being a Floyd Wickman Team trainer.

Short Stats:

  • Eight time “Trainer of the Year” award winner
  • Platinum Circle member
  • Over 12,000 students trained
  • On the teaching staff of Floyd Wickman’s Speakers Academy for eight years
  • Certified to teach continued education in six states

Mary Johnson is a top notch trainer and coach. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her style is nurturing yet she still holds her students accountable for their results. Mary had a tremendous impact on the agents in our company that attended her Floyd Wickman program and it has had a positive effect on our entire company. - David Mussari Managing Partner Prudential One REALTORS

Our firm is over 65 years old and we have witnessed many different presenters to our staffs. Mary Johnson is one of the few that has been a repeat. She exceeds in knowledge, charm, presentation skills, but most of all is her caring! She has been a driving force in our success and we love her dearly! - Don Horning, Shorewest Realtors®

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