Garion Bunn

– Trainer –

Everything changed when I went through Floyd Wickman’s Speaker Academy. It was like the stars aligned and I learned to control my time, my thoughts, and my life. I became successful.

After five years in the real estate and professional development, I joined Floyd Wickman’s team to learn more about the “get by giving” mentality. What a mind shift and life changing experience. After speaking to and with so many people that had been Wickmanized, I wondered what was in the Koolaid. Attending my first listing presentation seminar with Mike and Mary did it for me. To hear top producers and managers in real estate talk about the family oriented atmosphere and that it was about more than selling homes. That is what I wanted to be a part of. I wanted my existence to make a difference in someone else’s life.

My joy comes from helping agents succeed. I get excited when I hear their stories of success. The Floyd Wickman program teaches what to say – but also gives students the confidence to say it. I’ve learned that when given the option to fail, most people will take it. So, we remove the option of failure.

I’ve been called specialist in pushing the limits of human potential, I believe everyone has a gift and a calling. My mission is to help my seminar attendees discover and align the two. “Everyone has a fire in his/her belly, sometimes it’s almost out and just needs to be fanned to blaze again. I like to think I provide that spark!”

When I’m not travelling the country moving and shaking, I enjoy living life to the fullest with my wife, Katyna, and sons Noah and Isaiah.

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