Doris Parreno

– Trainer, Canadian Division –

Doris Parreno has been a student, a top realtor, a salesperson, a sales trainer, trained by best in industry and is now a trainer with The Floyd Wickman Team.

Since 2000, Doris figured training is a must to succed in the real estate industry. She aligned herself with the best the industry had to offer and didn’t quite find the right fit until she discovered The Floyd Wickman Program, The Core Values and The Culture. She decided to give back to an industry that offered so much to her and chose to align herself with The Floyd Wickman Team.

Currently Doris teaches The Floyd Wickman Program in Ontario, Canada.

She lives in Toronto, Canada and enjoys personal development, balance in life, fitness, health, giving back and spirituality.

“I believe Floyd Wickmam program is the best results, best training in the industry. My purpose is to preserve Floyd Wickman’s legacy, to promote his teachings and to help agents succeed.”

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