Dawn Zehren

– Trainer –

Why are you in Real Estate? What do you believe?

I believe Real Estate is about Real People and Real Lives.

I believe Real Estate is a noble profession. Realtors and Brokers help families & individuals reach their personal goals. Getting a house or selling a house changes lives, everyday. This impacts our communities and our world, for the better.

It is valuable work.

It is gratifying work.

It can even be lucrative work.

Do you agree?

So why do so many Agents start with great dreams yet fail, or worse, settle for years of mediocrity? Others seem to work their business well, yet lose themselves along the way.

Our business is complex, yet there are proven systems to increase success

– not just financially but for whole life balance.

This is why I am passionate about training Agents and supporting Real Estate Companies from the inside out.

You’ve got important work to do and we can make it easier!

Selling Real Estate for over 18 years, I’ve also held positions in coaching and management. So much of my professional and personal success is built upon the strong foundation I learned as a student in Floyd Wickman classes.

I am committed to helping others grow!

Let’s strengthen your foundation. Working together, I promise you will

Get Answers to Problems.

Work Proven, Results-generating Action Plans.

Serve Your Clients Well.

Protect Your Time.

Make Money.

And Live Well!

Call me now to get started.


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PS – If you want to know anything else about me, just ask. Here’s a quick snap shot of me outside of work: I live in Milwaukee, WI with my husband Nick and our Westie Dog, Connor. I am grateful for my family and my dear friends. I love to explore life – through travel, conversation, crafts and food.

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