Brian Sharkey

– Trainer –

Brian Sharkey knows how to motivate people to achieve their personal goals.

His passion for helping Realtors achieve success comes from his own life experiences. As a Floyd Wickman Program Graduate, he took 11 listings in just 6 weeks. (The other students called him the general because he had a star for each listing around the collar of his shirt!)

Brian is a student of discipline. After graduating from Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science of Human Performance, he developed a 12 week training program measuring personal success using system accountability and tracking progress.

A member of the Connecticut Army National Guard for 8 years, he was awarded “Soldier Of The Year” at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He is proud to share the story about how he won this honor. After successfully selling real estate for 10 years, he became a Floyd Wickman Trainer, helping others to reach their goals and achieving greatness at selling real estate. His real strength lies in his ability to communicate the Wickman method of selling with passion, humility, and a true desire to help others become successful.

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