Doug Thompson

– President, Canadian Division –

– Master Trainer –

I became a realtor in 1987 and found it hard going for the first couple of years until I was fortunate to take a class called Sweathogs in 1990. Saying this class changed my life is an understatement. Not only did it change my career, it also brought people into my life that to this day is influential and powerful. I achieved my goal of buying a brand new Cadillac during the class and I have never looked back. I have taken space based training classes 5 times and was the top producer in 4 of them. As a result of the class, I set myself a goal of becoming the number one salesperson by units in Canada. You must understand that I lived and sold real estate in a rural farming community of 11,000 in Alberta, Canada when I set this goal. Never being one to allow failure, I achieved the goal of number 1 by units in Canada is 1995. I continued my success by buying the office in 1996 and personally averaged over a 100 deals a year for 10 years. During this time I ensured my salespeople had the opportunity to learn from Floyd’s programs and achieve their own success. Even relocating to a new community I put to practice his techniques and again became successful.
Throughout my career giving back to my community had always been important and the primary way I have achieved this is through my support of Easter Seals. I have been supporting Easter for 30 years and continue to do so to this day. I was even honored to receive the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award and the Chamber of Commerce Special Award. When asked why I continue to support this organization, I always reply by “I just do it for the kids.”

Being a Real Estate trainer has been an amazing experience as I found that being able to help students change their lives for the better for themselves and their families is a fantastic experience. Now as President of Floyd Wickman Program Canada, I will ensure that this life altering experience will be available to all realtors coast to coast.

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