Questions & Answers

Keynote Speaker Floyd Wickman FAQ’s For Extraordinary Events:

Q:  How can we be sure that our goals are met with Floyd Wickman as our speaker?
A:  Floyd’s number one goal for any event is to make sure your number one goals are addressed. That’s why, long before he even takes the stage, he connects with every client for a strategy call.  Why?  To be sure that you are comfortable that every detail has been covered.  From customizing the right message for your organization to ensuring that every member of the audience comes away motivated, inspired and most importantly, with the tools, techniques, strategies and solutions they can adopt long-term to lead more fulfilled and productive careers.  (And have a lot more fun along the way!)  This powerful and personal communication is one of the most critical keys to a successful event.

Q:  What can Floyd’s team do to help us ensure terrific attendance at our upcoming event?
A:  Our team of marketing and press relation professionals are experts at assisting clients with every aspect of hosting a successful event.  They can provide you with attendance-building assistance in the form of e-mail campaign strategies, social media e-vites and content, press releases and more.

Q:  How long is Floyd’s presentation?
A:  That’s up to you!  As your keynote speaker, master of ceremonies or break-out presenter or any combination you prefer, Floyd’s goal is to ensure your 100% satisfaction.  While an average time for keynote speaking is 90 minutes, Floyd can accommodate your event needs in whatever capacity you require.  Half-day programs, full-day workshops, break-out sessions, leadership or top-performer panel discussions are all sure to be high-energy, high-humor and extraordinarily high results with Floyd as your choice of presenters.  Be sure to share an overview of your entire event with Floyd during your strategy call.  He will be happy to share his experience with you and can help you best decide how to “put him to work” in the ways that will have the most positive impact for your organization.

Q:  What can we expect from a Floyd Wickman presentation?
A:   Your audience will laugh and they will learn.  In our experience, what audiences need and want most from today’s keynote speakers and sales training presentations is to be entertained, motivated and educated.  Floyd delivers all three.  He set the standard for professional sales training and uses his life experiences outside of the business world to help people build stronger relationships, take their careers to the next level and lead more fulfilling and productive lives.

Q:  Does Floyd speak on topics outside of the real estate industry? 
A:  Yes. Floyd’s clients run the gamut of industries.  From fueling corporate leadership, to empowering sales professionals of every kind – real estate, direct sales, insurance, financial, corporate and more — Floyd does much more than just get your team “fired up.”   He gives them the tools they need to take ACTION to increase their productivity, profitability and enjoy success on new levels.

Q:  What other services does Floyd and his team provide?
A:  Floyd and his team of professional trainers offer one-on-one and group coaching, seminars, workshops, powerful products and intensive training programs to ensure the success of any individual or group.  Plus, he also provides a world-class Speaker’s Academy which gives people extraordinary tools to take their presentations to the highest levels!  To learn more about these – contact us today!

Q:  Is Floyd coming to my area?
A:  Floyd travels frequently, so it’s important to start planning your event as early as possible. Contact us today to check Floyd’s availability in your area!