Event Planners

You all are some of the hardest working people in the business and I can tell you how much I appreciate you. I know that a successful event for your organization and your audience is extremely important to you. That’s why we make it our number one goal as well. We guarantee that we’ll do everything necessary to make sure that your event is everything you want and need it to be, your vision and message is carried throughout and we keep it as simple and fun for you as we possibly can.

Your time is valuable and your resources are often strained. That’s why we work diligently to make it fun, affordable, exciting and trouble-free.

Working with top organizations and experienced meeting planners around the globe, I’ve learned a few things along the way that make the process, the planning and the event simple and successful. I even put together a time-tested checklist of tips, techniques and industry best practices to ensure that your event is extraordinary, your attendance is at a record high and most importantly, your audience walks away with a message that initiates positive action and change.

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If you’re looking for the right speaker for your next event, click here or call me at 800-910-5351. We will set up a strategy call so that you can get any questions you have answered, get to know if I’m the right guy for your stage and get a feel for the kind of powerful strategies, tools, techniques and take-aways I can leave with your audience for both short-term and long-term success.

Boy, you all are some of the hardest working folks in the business! It’s always my goal to make sure we do everything possible to make your job easier, to ensure you look like a superstar and that the audience walks away motivated, inspired and ready to make positive changes in their lives and career! Call us today! – Floyd Wickman

A ‘grand slam’ is the best way to describe our recent sales rally featuring The Greatest Dialogues of Floyd Wickman! I have had so many glowing compliments from my associates thanking me for bringing Floyd to Gambino Realtors. We all felt Floyd was genuinely interested in helping us advance our careers. I guess the greatest testament is that we look forward to having Floyd back in the future. -Jonathan R. Krause, President, Gambino Realtors

Floyd Wickman brought great value to our business partners. – Mark C. Stevens, Divisional Sales Performance Executive, Bank of America


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