R Squared Coaching

Are You Ready To Average 50-75 Transactions This Year?

It’s the most RESULTS PRODUCING coaching program ever offered and is boosting the earnings and changing the lives of agents across North America – No matter what market they are in!

If you’re ready to…

  • Become the top producer you know you can be…
  • Be part of a national 8-person Master Mind Group
  • Use the latest techniques from people making six figures…
  • Keep your earning power focused and on track
  • Hit your sales goals month after month…

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Since July 2009, R Squared groups have exceeded their production goals every 6 months. They average over 75 transactions per person per year and enjoy less stress in their business and their lives.


Because the R in R Squared stands for Responsibility – and the Squared means “to a Higher Power.” R Squared groups subscribe to the Floyd Wickman Team Core Values, a powerful set of principles that make sure you hit your sales goals and live fulfilling, productive lives.

You owe it to yourself, your business, and your family to find out how R Squared can make 2017 your best year yet.

R Squared Master Groups are limited and are forming now. So don’t miss your chance.

Listen & watch to learn what a graduate has to say!


Tell us your sales goals and we will make sure you hit them – No ifs, ands or buts! You’ll get everything you need to become a top producer. I guarantee it. You couldn’t fail if you tried. – Floyd Wickman


R Squared Results

Transactions before
R Squared
Transactions after
R Squared
Name Location
19 29 Betty Bellomy Houston, TX
25 45 Joni Eubank Coralville, IA
29 182 Vicki Cantrell Fort Hood, TX
32 51 Dawn Zehren Milwaukee, WI
37 50 Christana Happ-Stoneman Cedar Rapids, IA
39 54 John Brown Kalamazoo, MI
41 56 Gary Rossignol West Chester, OH
50 60 Julie Ray-Ritchie Union, KY
57 95 Benita Wenzler Dayton, OH
72 131 Laura Baliestiero Concord, MA
72 114 Bill Gabbard West Chester, OH
83 102 Mark Kottman Centerville, OH
86 103 Lee Gosney Pleasant Valley, NY
88 147 Juli Facer Layton, UT
90 110 Michelle Rizzo Kendall Park, NJ
100 142 Steve Santos College Station, TX
104 153 Jamie Bodiford Dallas, TX



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