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How do the best of the best unlock their Potential for UNLIMITED success? Look to star athletes, powerful heads of state, world leaders, top CEOs and multi-million dollar celebrity entrepreneurs. What do they ALL have in common? Coaches. 

Why coaches? Measurable, repeatable, long-lasting success is more often than not a team effort. While there have been tales of self-made men and women, those who truly rise to the top and STAY there, do so because they have made an investment in themselves. They continuously learn how to sharpen their skills, create life balance that keeps “burn-out” at bay, and tap into an accountability that only a coach and integrity partner can provide.

What makes Floyd Wickman Team Coaching different? As an industry leader and pioneer, Floyd has literally been “eating, sleeping and living” sales for more than forty years. He brings extraordinary insight, life lessons and an enormous “tool chest” of how-tos, tips and techniques to your career. His coaching clients reap the benefits of his years of experience as well as that of the more than 280,000 sales associates who have graduated from his many results-producing training programs.

He has infused all he’s learned, all his tools and his powerful mastery of mentoring into a results-producing group coaching program — R Squared Coaching.  Grow your business and lead a more balanced life.

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