About Floyd

The Man… The Method…

About The Man — Floyd Wickman

by Salespeople Magazine

A Little Background on the “Man…”

  • Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan
  • Blessed with the lifelong love of his wife Linda, and his three sons, a daughter, and seven incredible grandchildren
  • Served 10 years in the U.S. Navy
  • Hobbies and passions include cruising the Great Lakes by boat, Karate (Choi Kwang Do), fitness, collecting antique Colts & Winchesters, Doo Wop music; and of course, his grand kids

Floyd’s Core Values:
To always:

  • Live by the “Get by Giving” Philosophy
  • Make my clients goal my number one goal
  • Live up to my standards despite temptation to lower them
  • Be willing to work toward a common cause.
  • Do what I say I will do. Sometimes more just never less!

A Little Professional History…

  • Spent 8 ½ years listing and selling real estate
  • Averaged 86 Listings each year for 7 years
  • Managed staff of 8 to average a listing a day for 4 years
  • Training Director for large independent organization
  • Regional Training director for 60-office franchise
  • National Training Director for 1,600-office franchise
  • Realtor Magazine and N.A.R. “25 most influential people in Real Estate”
  • Author of 7 books
  • National Speakers’ Association CSP, CPAE Hall of Fame
  • Founder and Chairman of Floyd Wickman Associates/Team.

Floyd is a student of the art of self achievement and his mastery and success has changed the life of many. – Zig Ziglar

About the Method:

Along with his cadre of outstanding trainers, Floyd has graduated nearly 300,000 sales professionals from The Floyd Wickman Program. His unique method of training has earned him the title of “change agent” has become the most emulated style of training. He has a track record of creating a permanent and positive change in people who complete his program.

What makes his methods effective are both his philosophies and the extraordinary components of a Floyd Wickman training experience.

I left Floyd Wickman’s seminar confident I had everything I needed to know to become a successful speaker. – Les Brown, Motivator, Educator, author TV personality, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame

Some of Floyd’s Training Philosophies:

  • People are as good or as bad as you train or allow them to be.
  • Give people the option to fail, 70% take that option every time.
  • Frustration comes from know what you need to do but not knowing how to do it.
  • People working together toward a common cause can far out produce the same number working as individuals.
  • Education without application is worse than worthless.

The Unique Components of Floyd Wickman’s Method of Training:

  • SPACED TRAINING: Each weekly session will allow the student to absorb and apply the lessons and avoid the ‘too much-too soon’ syndrome.
  • MANDATORY ACTIVITY: This takes away the option to fail.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Reports and strikes may seem silly but remember people are more apt to do what we INSPECT than what we EXPECT.
  • ROLE-PLAY: Role-playing each and every skill taught can insure a student more clearly understands thus they are more apt to apply. The old adage. “I HEAR and I forget. I SEE and I remember. I DO and I understand” can be proven just through the production results and long term retention of the sales professional.
  • TEAMS: People working together as a team create synergy. Synergy produces the results people only dream of. Thus, TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK.

To learn more about the Floyd Wickman – the man or the method… contact us today!